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How does ABStream™ work?
Please see the web page link below for understanding of how ABStream™ works -
Where it can be used?
Education, e-learning, broadcast, live events, religious events, corporate meetings, etc.
What are the basic pre-requisites for ABStream™ to work properly?
A laptop with a webcam is a minimum requirement, along with a valid GMail Account and a YouTube Channel created. This will enable the streaming.

How much does live streaming for an event cost
ABStream™ Basic Service is FREE!
ABStream™ Premium Service is Rs. 500 (+GST@ 18%) or US$ 10 per 30 minutes of live stream
What is the ABStream™ software cost?
There is no software cost involved. The application setup is free for users registered on
How do I create my account details?
User can register on our website -, to create their account details.
With the user name and password user will be allowed to see their account details and access the other features offered to them as per their plan (Basic or Premium).
How do I update/close my account details?
To get help on updating/closing your account, please write in an email to
How do I create an event?
Login to It will take the user to their Dashboard where they can create a free event.
How do i cancel a created event?
User can cancel an already created event by clicking on the ‘End Event’ Button from the application.

Application Related
Nothing happens when I double click on ABStream setup exe, what could be wrong?
Please check your system anti-virus setting. You need to exclude the ABStream setup or software from the installed antivirus scan (Global Exclude List).
Nothing happens when I double click on ABStream icon on desktop, what could be wrong?
Please check your system anti-virus setting. You need to exclude the ABStream setup or software from the installed antivirus scan (Global Exclude List).
When the Input video signal is not visible in the application preview?
Check whether the video input device/camera is connected to the PC/Laptop. Thereafter go to Video Settings menu and check whether that connected video device shown in the list. If yes, set the proper frame rate and view the output preview. If it still does not work, please contact our support team on email –
Audio signal not coming in application preview?
Check whether audio input device is connected to PC/Laptop. Thereafter go to Video Settings menu and check whether that connected audio device is shown in the list of audio. If yes, select the audio device and apply the settings. Check audio preview in output preview window.
What are the different graphic files supported for logos, in ABStream™?
All image files such as *.BMP;*.JPG;*.JPEG;*.GIF;*.PNG;*.TIF;*.TGA are supported in ABStream™.
Not able to see the network speed when streaming starts (shows 0 kbps)?
Users need to click on the Network Monitor button which will open a dialog window with drop down list showing list of connections. Selecting the network connection which user is current using for the streaming will show the upload speed as a text matter on the Network Monitor button.
How do I configure different graphics layout for different event and load it whenever required without setting it every time?
User can set the graphics layout and the save the configuration using Graphics Settings anywhere on PC/Laptop disk space which can be loaded whenever required.
Not able to login ABStream™ application?
Please enter correct user name and password. Also check whether you are connected to internet while login to application. If still not able to login, please contact our support team on
How do I make the output preview full screen?
Right now full screen of preview is not possible but user can enlarge the preview by manually by stretching the window
How do I make the output preview full screen?
Right now full screen of preview is not possible but user can enlarge the preview by manually by stretching the window
What if I forget my password?
User can reset their GMail Account credentials using Google support website
Not able to view the application GUI properly?
Please check monitor screen resolution, recommended screen resolution is 1280 x 720 for viewing proper GUI.
Why is there no option for HD streaming at 720p and 1080p?
HD quality streaming option such as 720p or 1080p will be made available soon. Users also need to make sure the necessary system requirements and internet upload bandwidth is available for smooth streaming.
Why does the streaming not start when I click on the ‘Start Streaming’ button?
‘Start Streaming’ will work only if the user has a valid event with valid scheduled timings that match, when the button is clicked.
Event duration and balance duration does not show proper values?
Please check whether your internet connection is proper. If yes, click on ’Start Streaming’ once again, as it refreshes the data.
No video signal in USB device connected to ABStream™?
Please check the video signal first in the Device inbuilt application, if you found it OK close that application and open ABStream™ application and check the video signal by setting the properties in Input Device Setting properly. For further assistance please conact us on
Can we installed ABStream™ (Basic/Premium) application and ABStream™ Elite application on same system as a time?
Not recommended as of now, they may not perform as required. It will be recommended to install one application at a time. User can download both setup but install any one at a time and unstall previous one if exist in the Programs before installing other ABStream™ setup. For further assistance please conact us on
PPT not able to run in ABStream Elite
Please make sure user install Microsoft Office in their system before installing ABStream™ Elite so that PPT feature runs smoothly in ABStream™ Elite. For further assistance please conact us on
No input audio device visible under Input/output setting dropdown list for selection such as connected embedded MIC or External MIC
Please go to you volume control button on bottom taskbar right corner and right click on it. Click on recording devices which will open a window where all audio input devices will be shown. Make sure that the devices are not disabled, if yes you need to enable the devices and the set the device which you are going to use for audio input connection as “Default Device”
Loaded PPT not visible in output after clicking on “P” button under PPT viewer
User need to first check whether he has subscribed for PPT feature, if yes he need to make sure he has installed MS Office version lower than 2016. We are current facing issues with MS Office 2016, which will be resolved very soon.
ABstream application interface inactive when user stops streaming
In such case user need to be patient as application interface become active again in a minute. This happen because of disturbance in the internet connection when user stops the streaming. In avoid such condition user need to make sure they have stable internet connection with required upload bandwidth.

Website Related
No able to download free software of ABStream™?
Please check your internet connection, if it’s okay; kindly contact our support team on and we will send you the requirements.
Registration Failed, Error.
Please check if any text field is incorrectly filled in. If not, contact our support team for assistance
User name & password error when tried to login on dashboard
Please check whether you have used correct login and password, internet connection, if you are still getting the same error contact our support team on
Why am i not able to change my event web page layout?
Please contact our support team on
Not received my event web page link after successful registration?
Please contact our support team on
Which are supported web browsers for website?
Currently works fine with Chrome, Internet Explorer and Opera browsers.
Not able to Signup on
Any new user, please first install Google Chrome in your system. If you already signup with your google account in Chrome please logout first before going for singup on page. For further assistance please contact us on
User get an error below while creating as event from their dashboard on
   - Google event could not be created! Aborting...
      Probable reason : "Error calling POST
      https:\/\/\/youtube\/v3\/liveBroadcasts?part=snippet%2Cstatus: (403)
      The user is not enabled for live streaming."
Your YouTube channel could not able to create live event due to some restrictions from google, we request you to kindly use different account or create a new google account and signup on our website
Viewers could not able to see the live stream video on embedded player in the webpage designed by them eg.
As per latest terms and conditions by google it is mandatory to have a valid AdSense account created and linked with your google account to enable live video embedding on any webpage. Please click the link video which will describe you how to create a AdSense account

Event Related
Black screen is showing on live streaming web page?
Please check whether streaming is started from the application and the network monitor showing upload speed in Kbps continuously as per the steaming quality selected. Also “LIVE” text is made visible on the user Dashboard button once the streaming has started.
There is a “Copy Link” button in the application for selecting the streaming page link. Paste the link in browser and check. If you still have any issues please contact our support team on
How to create a live streaming event?
Registered user can login to our website can see his Dashboard details; there will be a link to click on free event creation. User can click on the links and fill necessary details to create an event.
How long can the event be?
Your event can last anywhere from a few minutes to all-day.
How to update a live streaming event/Extend my running event?
Use can update live event by logging in to our website and using his Dashboard or he can click on the ‘Top-up’ button in the application to update the existing event.
How do I rewind or fast forward the stream when watching a live event or full replay?
On the streaming web page user can move the slider of the media player to rewind or forward the streamed video. User will be able to replay the streamed video after event is finished by visiting the same web page, till the video is removed or the next event is started by you.
Can I download the event to watch it or share it later?
Using YouTube download functionality user can download the event for viewing it later or for sharing it.
What if we want to broadcast multiple events at the same time?
User need to create two different login and two different events to broadcast multiple event at the same time.
Are events recorded and archived?
If your viewers happen to miss the event as it is happening, they can still watch it by clicking the same link that was created for the live event till you do not start your next event.
Is there a limit on the number of people who can view my broadcast?
No. Thousands of people can view your broadcast with the same high quality viewing experience - no buffering, no annoying ads.
Why Facebook live stops intermidiently on user's facebook page without any notification?
User need to be aware about copyright voilation which Facebook may detect interms of video or audio or any other content during live streaming causing to interupt live streaming. Please avoid such copy right voilation for smooth Facebook Live.
In such case user need to stop the streaming and restart it from application.
Facebook Live login in ABstream not funtion properly for the user first time with Win7 OS
In case of Windows 7 operating system for proper funtioning of Facebook live login, user need to make sure they have installed Internet Explorer version 9.0 and above.

Internet Related
What is the minimum internet speed required for live streaming?
Internet speed required for live streaming is directly proportional to the quality of video you want to stream, recommendation matrix given below

  Video Quality Recommended Internet Upload Speed
  240p 0.5 Mbps
  360p 1 Mbps
  480p 2 Mbps
What kind of network connection do I need?
Video streaming by its nature requires a reliable network connection that can sustain a high volume of traffic throughout the length of a video broadcast. Wired is optimal; wireless, cellular (4G LTE) is an option.
Is it possible to stream live event with data card?
Yes 3G/4G Data card can be used for streaming provide they give us the necessary upload speed at the event location.
How do I know that the available internet speed is sufficient for live streaming?
Users will able to see the Internet upload speed during streaming on Network Monitor button provided in ABStream™ application along with highlighted colors to notify user to take further action or whether to change the Internet connection.

Hardware Related
How do I connect my webcam to ABStream™?
ABStream™ will recognize USB webcams and in-built webcam, of the laptop/PC. It will be detected once the application is launched. Users need to make sure that necessary camera drivers are installed and camera devices are detected in the Device Manager of their system.
Does ABStream™ support Windows 10?
Yes, it should work. If any issues please contact our support team on email –
What are the different types of camera devices supported by ABStream™?
Integrated Webcams of Laptop, USB Webcams, Handicams and professional cameras using PCIE capture card
Which capture devices are supported in ABStream™?

All Blackmagic Design Capture Devices:

Decklink (PCIe based card)
Click here to check the details
From Rs. 12,550/-

Intensity Pro 4K (PCIe based card)
Click here to check the details
From Rs. 17,200/-

Intensity Shuttle (USB 3.0 or Thunderbolt)
Click here to check the details
From Rs. 17,200/-

USB Capture Devices as listed below:

Enter E-260U
Click here to check the details
Rs.1200 (approx)

Easy Cap HDE USB 2.0
Click here to check the details
Rs.560 (approx)

Frontech 0620
Click here to check the details
Rs.1200 (approx)

I-Ball Claro TV tuner CTV 54
Click here to check the details
Rs.1800 (approx)

How can I connect my mic to ABStream™?
You can connect your mic to the system audio input and then launch the ABStream™ application. In video settings of application you will find audio device selected from which you can select the connected mic.