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How ABStream™ Elite is useful to you
If you want to stream your video, record the whole show,
run a pre-recorded video or Powerpoint alongside/behind your video,
add 2 logos, 2 bottom screen tickers, the ABStream™ Elite version is for you.
There is no watermark in this. You can also just record your program, without streaming it out.
Who will find this most useful?
If you happen to be any of the following, ABStream™ Elite is for you!
ABStream™ Elite Pricing
Monthly Base Pack:
Rs. 1500 (+ taxes extra*) or
US$ 25
1 Live video input, 1 Logo,
1 Ticker, 4 PIP Layouts,
Enable Streaming,
Customized streaming page,
Remove ABStream™ Watermark logo from the video
Add-on Recording:
Rs. 1000 (+ taxes extra*) or
US$ 20
This Add-on will record
your Event and save the file
on your machine's hard drive
Add-on Media/PPT:
Rs. 500 (+ taxes extra*) or
US$ 10
This Add-on will Enable
the Media and PPT feature
in the software
Add-on CG Pack:
Rs. 750 (+ taxes extra*) or
US$ 15
This Add-on will add
1 logo, 1 ticker and Clock/text
in the software
Add-on V5 to V10 PIP Layouts:
Rs. 300 (+ taxes extra*) or
US$ 5
This Add-on will Enable
the V5 to V10 PIP Layouts
in the software
Add-on Change BG:
Rs. 250 (+ taxes extra*) or
US$ 4
This Add-on will Enable to
upload your own BG
to the PIP Background
Add-on Social Media:
Rs. 250 (+ taxes extra*) or
US$ 4
You can Share your
Streaming page link
to the world via Social Media
Add-on PTZ:
Rs. 250 (+ taxes extra*) or
US$ 4
This will allow you
to configure your Panasonic
PTZ camera to Streaming
Add-on Extend Device Support:
Rs. 500 (+ taxes extra*) or
US$ 10
This will allow you to
Connect professional I/O cards
such as BMD, Streamlab etc.
*GST @ 18%
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